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Steve Shutt Railfan

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Steve Shutt

Steve Shutt, a railfan friend of mine passed away on August 7th, 2013. He was a huge fan of local history and railroads and I have some of his collection here for you to view. He was a member of the LSBC model railroad club. His last railfan outing with the club was at Union Illinois Railway Museum on July 28th, 2013. I was with him and he enjoyed the time at the museum very much. I learned a lot about history from Steve and he was truly a tremendous source of information from maps to photos of the area. I was glad I spent time scanning his slides and negatives and putting them on discs for him and for archival use.
 In the model RR club Steve was well known for his "Shutt Speed" which was running his trains as fast as they could possibly go. It was like having a throttle pack that went from 10mph -100mph and then there was "Shutt Speed" beyond. 
Steve also had a big part in coordinating efforts to get the Steam Engine CBQ 4978 moved from Ottawa to Mendota. A few pictures of Steve near 4978 during the move of the locomotive are seen on this page too.
      I will really miss Steve. Some of the photos below are from Bloomington IL where he did a lot of railroad watching and also lived in the area. I also have some of his articles you can read below among the photos.

Milwaukee Road in Mendota IL

MIlwaukee Road in Mendota IL

ICRR on Milwaukke Tracks in Mendota
Lots of smoke coming out of GP10

IC yard at LaSalle looking South

ICRR yard looking north

Mendota in 1970s

Illinois Central Trains 1970s

MIlwaukke Road in Mendota 1970s

Milwaukee Road in Mendota near 5th st crossing
Photo by Steve Shutt

Milwaukee Road Snow Plow in Mendota
photo by Steve Shutt

I remember this snow plow sitting here in 1979. I walked around it too. And from these photos Steve did also and he took pics of all four sides.

Milw Rd snow plow
Mendota IL photo by Steve Shutt

Writings from Steve SHutt


GM&O railroad in Bloomington
Steve was a fan of the Gulf Mobile and Ohio RR

GM&O at Bloomington

Young Steve with his trains in the late 70s

Bloomington IL

GM&O at Bloomington

ICRR depot at Clinton IL

ICRR bicentennial unit 1976

ICG yard in Bloomington

ICG yard in Bloomigton IL

GM&O caboose in Bloomington yard


GM&O Bloomington Yard

Steve helped pound in spikes for the 4978 display
Mendota IL Photo by Ray Tutaj Jr.

Steve looks over how much is left to do
I remember helping spreading the ballast and evening it out.

Steve seen in view with 4978 yet in Ottawa
Photo by Ray Tutaj Jr Nov 1997

Steve looks on the progress being made
Just out of the gate at Ottawa 4978 has made the 1st step toward Mendota

Steve watching the wheels on a tight curve
The tender rear wheels did derail once

In Ottawa getting ready to move the 4978
Ottawa to Montgomery on 1st day and Mendota the next

A breif stop enroute to Montgomery IL
Steve is in view

Steve seen peaking out of cab of 4978
Photo by Ray Tutaj Jr Nov 1997

Steve watches as 4978 makes it's last 100 ft







Steve Shutt in IC cab 2009

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