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I have assembled various history topics displayed on poster sized boards. These posters can be transportable for viewing at exhibits such as at libraries etc.
I want to thank the following people for their help in gathering these photos: Bill Schlosser, Marvin Helmig, Mike Gleason, Dave Wozniak, and also Steve Shutt and Leo Muhlach.  I am trying to archive and organize these collections so they may be viewed by the public.  
There are many to thank for the many photos you see on this site. Let me know if you would like your name added if you see a photo from your collection.

Chicago Portland Cement Oglesby IL

The LaSalle and Bureau County RR

Illinois Central Railroad Depot at LaSalle

The Cherry Coal MIne Disaster

Bill Schlosser photo collection of LaSalle

Illinois Central Yard map of Lasalle

Photos from the Mike Gleason Collection
Mendota IL

Photos from the Dave Wozniak, Bill Schlosser
also from Marvin Helmig

Depots of the area in and near LaSalle County

ICRR bridge adding span over Illinois river

Photos from Dave Wozniak Collection

I&M Canal

I&M Canal Continued

Railroad structures and depots etc

Randy Martin photography
Randy generously gave me these pictures.

Home of Harv Kahn's collection
Over 20,000 railroad images from east to west

Sharing things you might be interested in such as local history, photography, transportation, a novel and art.