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The three photos below were taken on Sunday, day two of the disaster. The first photo shows a train with loaded coal cars, a passenger coach car, and a water tank car. The sun is in the west which makes it late afternoon.
 The middle picture shows crowds near the fanhouse area. When the fan was reversed Saturday (big mistake), it had burned the wooden zig zag staircase leading to the second vein. At the time of this picture the people did not know if there were any more men alive down there. The previos day's efforts with the 12 heroes rescuing many men was really the last real hope. Nevertheless, a great effort was put toward creating a hoist at the airshaft (adjacent to escape shaft) to try to rescue more men when the smoke and heat died down. The amazing story of the twentyone living men was just beginning down below in the far recesses of the mine One of the greatest stories ever to be told is thier triumph over death in the firey furnace below.
 The third pic is showing the smoke poring out of the airshaft because the mainshaft was covered to help cut off oxegyn from the fire.

Sunday, November 14th, 1909 Crowds coming

Crowds around Fanhouse area. Escape shaft burned.
Men creating a hoist through airshaft.

Northwind blowing smoke from fan
Smoke billowing out from fanhouse area

Cherry Coal Mine Disaster

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