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A Kathy L. Merrifield wrote concerning the photo below:
The photograph titled No 8 Cherry Mine, waiting for news of relatives...
the man in the foreground with the derby on is my (late)grandfather. Anna (Pavlik) Egbert's father. Andrew Joseph Pavlik Sr.,he had worked in the mines with his father in law, John Majersky(Mayersky), his daughter, Andrew's wife - Mary Majersky(Mayersky)Pavlik. He was ill the day of the disaster, and stayed at home. He had went to the site to gather word of John. Sorry I took so long getting this info to you! I had thought it went through earlier in the summer, but never got around to rechecking it until now! I have a postcard picture in the family papers of the same scene. I have Black Damp ... I was speaking with a neighbor the other day who had moved away, and HE has been to the mine site. Intrigued by that big old pile of shale off in the distance, decided to stop and see what it was, as he goes to Chicago often. Well, thank you for having such wonderful information about a subject we will have to research to upgrade in family albums. Ann is gone and so are her brothers and sisters. The rest of us will have to learn the story well and pass it on! Kathy L. Merryfield

Anxious relatives of miners await for word
Seen here near door of engine house

Lewis Nichols a carpenter at mine site
Seen here making stretchers

In the picture above is Lewis Nichols. I had the honor of talking to his son Bert Nichols back in 1999. He told me many stories that his father had told him. It was fascinating to listen to him. He was in his 80's at the time and often gave great slides shows of the Cherry Mine Disaster and i hope he still is.  I will try to add a page in the near future concerning the interview i had with Bert. His father did take him to the mine site back in the late 1920's and he remembers the engine house where his father showed him the thick steel cables wrapped around the 9ft in diameter drum. This was the cable that raised and lowered the cages.

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Victims caskets being loaded in boxcars

Cherry Coal MIne site