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MODEL RAILROADING magazine featured the model of the Cherry Mine built by Ray Tutaj Jr.  The whole article with photos are in two issues as seen here below!  Available at the Cherry IL. Library, the Mendota IL. Railroad Museum or through MODELRAILROADING magazine online. (see link at bottom of this page)

Part one Includes the history of the Cherry Mine disaster with some model pics.

The Dec 00/Jan01 issue seen here above has many historic black and white photographs from the Cherry Mine Disaster.  It also contains the story of the tragedy and how it all happened.  There are dramatic pictures of the model of the mine within the pages also.
A must have for anyone interested in The Cherry Mine Disaster.

Model Railroading Jan/Feb 2001 issue
More exclusive pics of the Model of the Cherry Mine.

Click here to purchase Part one and two of the St.Paul mine in Cherry, Model Railroading mags!

Inside the Jan/Feb 01 issue you will find numerous pictures of the model and produced in great quality.  The story behind how these photos were produced and the fine people who helped make this project possible.
These will be available at the library in Novemeber 09 or you can get one right away by sending me an email at
Now that only a handful of books are left, the publisher has decided to create digital books of the Cherry Mine Story plus two of the other models i built. These are on CD and in PDF file format. Read below for more info.

New! Available starting Aug 11th 2009
Three of my Articles on one CD

Contact publisher info here.

Click here to buy the digital book containing the Cherry coal mine model layout plus the Mendota and LaSalle models. "A Little Illinois History"

Front and Back Cover above.