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The Morgue Tent behind tipple
Victims bodies were identified here

A scene in the Morgue Tent
Bodies were still being brought up even into April

Panoramic View of St. Paul mine no. 2 in Cherry IL
Water tank car was used by fire dept

Chicago Fire Dept assisting at Cherry Mine
Newspaper boy seen selling papers

Special Breathing equipment from Champaign IL.
Used when entering the smoke filled mine

EMAIL from Katherine Young:
Hello -
I enjoyed your website on the Cherry Mine Disaster, particularly the photos. My great-grandfather, John Walter Chedister, was the chief engineer at the mine and I have a photograph of him and two other men who were working at the mine at the time of the disaster. I have wanted to share this photograph with others who have an interest in the mine disaster, but never knew who to contact. I have attached the photo in a file; please feel free to add it to your website.

My grandmother (John Chedister's daughter) would tell us how her father and uncle(s) were heroes of the Cherry Mine disaster. She told us that one of her uncles died because he would not leave his position operating the elevator that brought men up. The uncles were on her mother's side, and their surname was Brown. I recently read Karen Tintori's book, "Trapped", and she describes the role that John Chedister and John Brown played. John Brown (the cager) died, but he had 4 brothers who did not die in the mine disaster: George, Robert, Ralph, and Thomas. I don't know how many of them worked in the mine at the time. Do you know if there exists a list of all the workers at the mine at the time of the disaster?

Thank you,
Katherine Young
in California