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                                       FOREWARD                                        1
Welcome to the GUITAR JOURNEY COURSE. Within the pages of this book is a wealth of information for the aspiring guitarist; the student should treasure it for life! I have purposely designed this book to move the student along swiftly and efficiently.  The teacher and student will find it to be a great reference source for chords, scales, technique, songs, theory, chord progressions and other essentials in becoming a fine guitar player. Playing the guitar is a journey and each person will find his or her own way in achieving musical satisfaction. This book will help you immensely on that journey.  A very unique feature of this book is the inclusion of various sayings at the bottom of most pages to help guide and provide inspiration and wisdom for students.  Also included is the insightful Road to Success drawing found on the inside back cover.
This book will help to fill a void of guitar instruction shortcomings present in some methods.  I dont believe in wasting valuable time on something the student cant apply out in the real world. There are many great guitar instruction books available and they should be selected according to the students individual taste and abilities. This book is not intended to be a comprehensive volume in the area of any one particular musical subject; but rather to introduce numerous important topics, with carefully designed practice material.  I do believe students should have more than one book from which to learn. This book however is guitar playing according to me, or to say it another way;  The GuitarGospel according to Ray Tutaj. Through my experience as a performer and teacher of many different styles of music, Ive developed this book. I am very comfortable and satisfied to teach from it and am sure other instructors will feel the same. . This volume results from the many times I found myself frustrated with the old methods that failed to keep students interested and on the right path to learning the vital foundations of guitar playing. I have made a conscientious effort to make available a method that:
Guides students on their journey of playing the guitar with carefully selected material, providing the most important and vital topics for guitarists.                 
 Helps teachers to keep students interested learning fundamentals and enjoying it too!
 Contains various helpful charts with strum patterns, picking patterns, scales, chords
            and much more without getting too complex .
 Puts a special emphasis on proper technique, which is vital for the progressive
            growth of the student. Correct technique leads to excellence in performance.
 Includes numerous songs and exercises both popular and traditional that are pleasing to the ear.
 Includes various guitar topics to pick and choose from, covering styles such as Rock, Blues, Alternative, New Age, Folk, Country, Jazz, Fingerstyle and Classical too!
Is a valuable resource of condensed info and essential guitar studies all under one cover.
 The book also includes wisdom to help guide students on their guitar journey!

To arouse interest is the most fundamental of all educational tasks. For music education this means that its supreme mission must be to inspire, sustain and direct an interest in music. Towards such interest everything in our learning program must be aimed.  I have spent years of thought trying to come up with a way that helps the student progress at a quicker rate by specially designed lessons without being overwhelming or dull; by including songs of familiarity or ones that are pleasing to the ear. Music that is rich in melody and harmony is best when learning to play the instrument.  I desire to keep students interested at the same time they are gaining dexterity with their instrument.  If they like the sounds coming from the guitar they will stay interested.

The book is designed to present the student with pieces that will take him or her to full potential at each step.  Many compositions will be challenging, yet not overly difficult.  The student will be pleased at the sounds coming from the guitar and thus it will spark continued enthusiasm and motivation. Students can handle a challenge if they learn to focus and practice. The teacher needs to know what the learner is capable of and should be guided accordingly. Each student will set their own pace. The important thing is to play each song and exercise correctly to keep progressing.

The guitar is a wonderful instrument capable of producing beautiful sounds that have the power to affect peoples lives and bring great satisfaction. Conversely, one must continue that journey on the road to playing the guitar. Patience and persistence are required to get through the book. The student should find the book to be interesting, fun and more project-oriented.
           Make sure the student can play all the pieces both with clarity and in good tempo. All of the songs and exercises are beneficial. The guitarist must build up the finger muscles to make them go from one note or chord to the other swiftly and clearly. It is important that the student understand this from the beginning. The student should not be wondering why they should do a certain song or exercise.  The main reason is for their benefit and because its a pleasing tune and therefore the goal is to get it down so you can make cool sounds. The more you practice the quicker you progress.
 No matter how advanced you are in your guitar playing, I guarantee that you will find a new chord progression, picking pattern, riff, or concept, etc. to learn from this book. Youll also find solo guitar pieces you can add to your repertoire.  The book is for all levels, from beginner to advanced. There is something in it for everyone and touches on numerous styles such as rock, classical, alternative, fingerstyle, folk, country and some jazz too! It is a good-sized book with much vital information. You will get your moneys worth out of this book on how to play the guitar. The wisdom alone, found at the bottom of most every page is worth the price of the book!  I know you will find it a book to treasure!
     See rear section of book for many other teaching aid booklets, and the popular Guitar Chord Flash cards and Chord Constructor.
                               A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.
                                                                                                                                                                       Success is a journey, notdestination.                                                                                
GUITAR PLAYING IS A JOURNEY!  Everyone aspiring to play guitar, begins a journey. Each person will travel down different roads and each road has its many different destinations. Some will play to only entertain themselves. Some will join a band and play for crowds of people. They may even go on to write a hit song on their journey and go on tour and become famous. Others may find themselves playing for their church, family and/or friends. There are so many different roads. On this journey, the first steps include learning how to play the instrument. Guitar teachers are there to guide you and direct you on your journey. This book will help you  while on this sojourn, like a map helps a traveler. It is a long journey, which requires sacrifice and dedication as mentioned before. Stick with it and have fun!
                                                                 The richest child is poor without music!
                                                                                                                         Hank Snow
Written and Produced by RAY TUTAJ JR

Musically Yours!