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Since the Guitar Journey book is all about guiding people in playing the guitar plus imparting wisdom with over 200 sayings at the bottom of almost every page, i thought i would give you some more wise things to think about to make your life a little easier.

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  1. Eliminate some keys on your key chain. We spend several hours a year fumbling around for keys. If you do not need all those keys on your next trip, leave em home! Get a key to the house and car on a separate key ring.
  2. Have a spare key for your car in your wallet or purse or on your vehicle somewhere. If you do not, you will lock your self out at some point in time. Dont think you wont!
  3. If you dont like the frustration of not having ketchup for your fries or salt or sauce for those nuggets, dont eat at fast food joints. It is fattening anyway. The drive-up windows are notorious for screwing things up. Oh yeah things may go OK for a while but when you least expect it, you will be driving off with too much ice in your drink, cold fries or missing condiments!
  4. Do you like flushing money down the toilet? Well then turn off the lights in the other room if your not gonna be in there. Open the curtains or something in the daytime too. Use natural light.
  5. Fill er up! Well these days you do it yourself and you practically have to be computer literate to run some of these pumps, but anyway
  6. fill the whole tank up and make less trips to the gas station. Do you really think you save money by putting in two dollars worth at a time? The difference is I make one stop and put 14 bucks in and you make seven stops and put $2.00 in each time. It is still $14.00

  7. Avoid City traffic. First of all I recommend you to move out of the city and to a smaller town if you can. Do you know how much time is wasted sitting at traffic lights? Your life is passing by before your eyes! If you hate the congestion move out. If you are going to drive into the big city then why not take a train? Probably because they dont always run on time.
  8. Buy a book or two of postage stamps if you need them. Have them there when you need them. They go fast and you dont want to be getting in the car and wasting time and gas and hope you do not get into an accident just over a 35-cent stamp. (probably gone up now!)
  9. Exercise. Yep, thats right! At least three times a week walk for 40 minute periods. If you do not have the time, then make the time.
  10. It is for your own good health. Youll feel better and more alive.

  11. Dont make contact with people who have colds. If you do, wash your hands. Colds are more annoying than anything and are usually by contact with others.
  12. Do not live beyond your means. People do it all the time. They make so much a paycheck and they go buy that 20,000 dollar car with $489.00 payments as if they are excused from paying all their other bills. If you keep the vehicle you have now, and take care of it for 15 years just think of the thousands of dollars you will be saving!
  13. An Apple a day helps keep the doctor away. Eat right if you can, or at least check into herbs and natural foods. It really does work. Find out what works for you and it just may get you back to feeling better and staying away from the hospital!
  14. Use your time wisely. It is time now to pull your self away from the TV. Do something more constructive. Build something, get a hobby, help out your community or enjoy the great outdoors.
  15. Dont give solicitors over the phone the time of day. If you gave to everybody who asks for money, you would be broke and on the street. Our society is unfortunately geared to drain the money right out of our pocketbooks! Do not be afraid to say no!
  16. Get rid of those credit cards. The interest is outrageously high and it should be a crime for those credit card companies to charge so much interest!
  17. Day time running lights is a great idea while driving. It helps those who have a hard time seeing you to spot you. It makes a difference. It is a safe thing to do.
  18. When parking in parking lots, try backing in if it is convenient. Backing out is a major cause of accidents. If you pull out forward you can simply see where you are going and it eliminates the many blind spots.
  19. Out paying bills? Get em out of the way in one day or one hour. Save some time and money. Mail them in if it is convenient for you.
  20. On parking in big parking lots, remember getting as close as possible to the door of is not always the smartest thing to do. Have you ever tried to dodge all the people coming and going, and cars going by at the front door? It is crazy! Park a little further away where there are no cars or very few and you can get out of there in a breeze!
  21. Address labels are a great idea. Save yourself some time. When the holidays roll around you wont even have to write your name on cards just place a sticker.
  22. Make a birth date list so you wont forget birthdays you need to remember.
  23. I dont know about you but I hate making a bunch of trips to the store. If you can get double of everything such as soap, toothpaste, shaving cream etc., food items too, get two or three boxes of cereal or whatever. Stock up a bit and save yourself some time.
  24. If you feel a sore throat irritation coming on, gargle with warm salt water. This will nip it in the bud most of the time. Why spend money on throat medicines that make it worse?
  25. I hate doing dishes and I dont have anyone to do them for me. Now I do them as I go along. If I use a cup or dish, I will wash it when I am done and then I never have to face a sink full of dishes again.
  26. Do not put off to tomorrow what you can do today. Yep! It really is true.
  27. Make a list of frequently called numbers and even some not so frequent numbers to have handy when you need them.
  28. Buy toothpaste and other items that have the cap, lid, etc, attached to the product/container. If one were to count how many times the darn cap on the milk or cap on the toothpaste or whatever falls or gets misplaced, it would be unbelievable. All companies who sell products with goods such as toothpaste or milk should have these attached.
  29. Dont get caught in the "web". This is now a huge topic in todays computer age, how millions are falling prey to being a slave to the computers. Use the computer for a constructive purpose, not just playing games. Go outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Life is passing by, the clock is ticking. There are a million wonderful things to do besides being a slave to the computer and all of its traps.
  30. Tired of getting up and running to the phone? First try putting the phone in the room where you spend the most time. Second, if you can buy a cordless one all the better. Third, if you can fit a celluar into your budget and you like them then go for it. However, if it is too handy youll be calling everyone you can think of to talk to and youll be spending two days pay on a phone bill.
  31. If you are the kind of person that tries to save and does not like wasting anything, then start with water. It is incredible how much water is wasted in our homes. Do you need to have the water running while shaving? Do you have to take a 15 minute shower? Do you have to have the water running while brushing your teeth? Hey, save some money on your water bill. Anyone can easily save some dollars on their water bill with a little effort. Ten dollars a month will come out to 120.00 a year. Start using your utilities more wisely!
  32. Stop throwing away all those grocery bags! Save them to line your small trash cans with or to transport miscellaneous stuff or items to wherever.
  33. Complain, complain, complain. We spend a lot of time and mental energy complaining about things and people. We need to try to be more positive and friendly if at all possible. We need to count our blessings. Be thankful for the simple things in life. Anyway, being positive helps cut down on stress and keeps you healthier.
  34. Do not tune into the news if it depresses you. You might be sensitive to certain issues. You cant save the world. If you want to help, start in your family or local community.
  35. Let the Sunshine in! Open those curtains and blinds and let the sun heat your home a little. You will be surprised at how much warmth the sun brings in especially on those cooler winter days. If you have a bunch of big windows in your home like I do, let the sun shine in!
  36. If you do a lot of driving, then you know how troublesome blind spots are. If you dont already have the little blind spot mirrors on your outside mirrors, then get em. They sure do make driving a whole lot easier.
  37. Stay put! The worst thing in the world is moving. If you have a nice home or apartment and it is affordable and nothing really wrong with it, then save yourself a major headache. Dont move unless you must!
  38. Live in a small town! The big cities are truly a rat race. Most every facet of life there is a huge chore. You have congestion, pollution, crime and long lines at the bank, grocery store, and wherever else you need to stand in line. Do you really love all those traffic lights? Save yourself and perhaps your family. Small town life is more peaceful and easy, if you can do it, go for it.
  39. Dont let old receipt bills pile up. Do you have a stack of old bills that you havent thrown out? Try only keeping old bills no longer than a month. When you get the receipt for your current bill, take the previous months bills and throw them out.
  40. Commute to the big city by train or bus. Let somebody else worry about the driving. Or you could car pool with others and save money on gas.
  41. Do you know about the household 15 watt light bulbs that emit 60 watts of light? You can save up to 45.00 a year just with one bulb! I now have five of these bulbs installed throughout the house. Thats $225.00 a year I am saving!
  42. Make sure you have your proof of insurance handy if your pulled over for a traffic stop. If you have to search for it under the closeful watch of a police officer, it could become embarrassing as you search through the glove compartment only to find expired cards and everything else youve crammed in there. (I am speaking from experience again.) Put it in your wallet or in a very handy spot in your vehicle. Throw the expired ones away.
  43. Planning a trip sometime in the future, well, vacations take money and I have found if you take all your pocket change throughout the whole year and save it in a separate container or piggy bank, you could have a few hundred dollars saved by years end. This will help for gas money or lodging, rental car, or even pay for your transportation ticket! Or you may even be saving up for a particular item you need or want. Be patient and throw that pocket change in the piggy bank. It all adds up!
  44. Ok. I just got back from paying a couple bills and it happened again like it usually does. I hand the cashier the bill and then I get out my wallet and fumble around for the money. In the meantime the cashier looks at me as if I dont have my act together. You know, it is a little embarrassing. So from now on, I will gather the money together here at home and paperclip the money to the bill and if theres change I will have it in hand when I go to pay the bill. It is much more sensible to do it this way. It says to the cashier that youve got it together, and you are organized. It also can save you a little embarrassment and some time!
  45. Before you know it, we are all going to have computers and printers. My Epson printer is a good one and I have been paying a small fortune buying ink cartridges for it. It is a crime to have to pay $28.00 -$30.00 for a single cartridge and mine takes two. Thank God someone told me about ink refill kits. I pay about 24.00 for six to eight refills, which is much more reasonable. I recommend you to check them out and start saving your hard-earned money.
  46. The larger the income the harder it is to live within. I have taken great measures to reduce my living expenses. Because my income is not high. I like it that way. It is easier to live. The trick is not to live beyond your means. If you do have a good size income, dont use it all up by making unnecessary or exorbitant purchases. Get what you need only. You can be very comfortable this way. You can treat yourself occasionally, but not with a new car! The new car means big payments, high insurance and maintenance and gas costs! What are you thinking? The car you have now gets you where you want to go.
  47. The only place to live a happy life is within your income!
  48. Resist the "system". The system is designed to drain you of your money, time and your hopes and dreams. You need time and money to fulfill your dreams. They know how much the average citizen earns. They leave you with just enough money to put some food in your belly, put gas in your car so you can get to work and bring some more tax money into the governments pockets. You can resist by being aware it is happening, and cut expenses in every facet of your life. Check your utility bills for overcharging and learn to pay less for the same thing by shopping around a bit!
  49. Cut your telephone bill by a few dollars simply by eliminating the inside wire maintenance fee. If your phone wiring is working just fine and always has been, then why pay for this charge? Yes if something does go wrong you will pay for repair, but I personally have never had to have the Telephone Company come out for repair work. They have hooked up or disconnected the phone line when I moved. Thats it!
  50. Exercising in Bed? Yep! Stretching is really important for our bodies and we can begin before even getting out of bed. Pull those legs back as far as you can, and stretch those arms too. Be creative and think of other ways to stretch while in bed. Because once your out of bed it seems to be easy to forget to exercise or you get distracted with other things.
  51. Fifty ways to leave your lover. Talk it out first. Communication is essential for relationships to work. If this fails, your in a mess that you probably should have never gotten yourself into in the first place. Everybody should have a better line of communication with loved ones, including family. It makes life easier and people closer.
  52. Get organized! Do you have a mountain of papers you find yourself searching through every time you need to locate one in particular? Try putting them in order so you can locate them easier. I recently spent some time putting hundreds of papers in alphabetical order and it works nice! It will help you save time!
  53. In a Bumper Bind? A police officer told my dad that the Illinois state law requires vehicles to have bumpers. We both have the same Nissan trucks and they have no bumpers. I tried the junkyard and they want at least $40.00 without installation. Well I cant see wasting money on a bumper that did not come with our trucks when we bought them in Nevada, which does not require them. So I have decided to make my own with some wood and bolts and a little paint. The total per truck should be about $5.00!!!!! maybe less. And if the Bumper does get damaged they can be replaced very inexpensively!
  54. Fresh corn dog please? If you ever find yourself at a carnival where many vendors are selling corn dogs, etc, ask for a fresh one, if they say no, tell them youll find a fresh one somewhere else. I have been victim of so many darn corn dogs that have been sitting under those "hot" lights. The batter is like rubber after a while. And dont pay four dollars for a lemon shakeup.
  55. Dont carry a wallet full of money if you can help it. There is always the chance of losing it unless you have a chain connected to it, well thats really not my style. I simply take what only money I will need for the day.
  56. A household fire extinguisher is good to have around just in case an accidental fire started in your home. To have a small one in your vehicle is a good idea too. In my lifetime I will bet that I have seen at least a half dozen or so automobiles in flames near the roadside probably due to a short somewhere. In many cases it can be put out with a handy extinguisher. But if the fire is too difficult to find, it is best to get away from your car and run to the nearest dealer to get a new one.
  57. Do you do much film processing as I do? I know how filling out those envelopes is like filling out a job application, and I frankly dont like it. If I send in five rolls of film I must fill my name and address that many times. I hope the stores can think of an easier way for those with a large quantity of processing to be done. Anyway, what I do is take a handful of those envelopes when Im there and take em home and fill them out there, and it is more convenient and less distracting. You also probably have a pen you can find quickly at home too instead of searching for a pen at the store counter that used to work or was at the end of a string!
  58. When the time does come to do your Christmas shopping, I think it is wise to get it done several weeks earlier to avoid any problem s which may arise because of the holiday rush. Oh, and if you plan on having your own cards made with a photo you have taken, better try to get that done in late October or early November.
  59. If you have envelopes to lick, dont do it with your tongue for heavens sake! I know we all have. Moisten your first finger first and then your second finger for the second swipe. Hopefully your fingers are clean. You can also use water and a small sponge. Anyway, dont lick those adhesives on those envelopes they are harmful!!
  60. We need to start eating better dont we? Weve heard how many of the foods we eat can cause illness and in the long run; death! When we get sick from foods and end up in the hospital it can be costly. Lets try to stay healthy by eating right and we can save our lives and live longer!
  61. One day I was trying to get oil-base paint off of my hands without no solution such as thinner or mineral spirits to get it off. So I used a round rock I had laying around. I was surprised how well it worked. It is only a round semi-abrasive rock. I also have gotten spray paint and dried caulking off my hands with this rock. Try it works great!
  62. Call first! Dont assume the place where you are planning to go to is even open, even if theyre supposed to. Many times I have driven a good distance to find the place closed, and knew I should have called first. Or if you plan on visiting someone, do yourself and them a favor, call first!
  63. Do you often have many places to stop to get things at various stores and businesses, and when it comes time to take all those items in the house you just dont have enough hands? I keep a crate handy in the garage or in the back of my truck that I now use and it handles 99% of most of my purchases. One trip to the house and up the stairs for me, thats it!
  64. Many times we find ourselves involved with a painting project and think we probably can do the task relatively easy with little or no mess. The end result is our hands have got all painted up in the process. Next time wear a pair of disposable rubber gloves while painting and you wont have to get out the paint thinner, if your lucky enough to have some around.
  65. Dont wait till the last minute to make an appointment! Do it ahead of time so you will not miss out on an earlier and more convenient time.
  66. Have an extra comb or brush handy in your car just in case you forgot to groom yourself before leaving the house. You dont want to look like a bum out in public. There should be a few other things also in your car that may help you look, feel and smell your best when going somewhere. It would be wise to have mouth wash, breathsavers, deoderant, aspirin, tums, etc,.
  67. Avoid buying cheap trash bags that come in a roll. You know the thin brand you can see through and you spend several minutes trying to open the end and it wont so you turn it over and try the other end and you still cant open it so you go back to the other end and so on.
  68. If you really need to have a website and you wish to do it on your own, think again. Find someone who knows what they are doing and pay them for their time.
  69. When Christmas time rolls around and your working on sending out a bunch of cards, make it easier on yourself by having an address list, postage stamps, and your address labels all ready to go in front of you.
  70. Try wearing earplugs the next time you use the vaccum cleaner. Some of them can be really loud and hurt your ears. Use earplugs when using power saws too.
  71. When waiting on company and/or friends who have had a habit of being late, learn to relax and expect them late. While waiting finish any work or household tasks.
  72. Throw away those store receipts that you dont need. Sometimes I find that I have more of those than cash in my wallet.
  73. Dont plan too much in one day. If you spread yourself too thin you wont get through it or things just will not go well. It can be nerve -racking too. I speak from a lot of experience. For example, I have told myself from now on I will not accept a music gig on the same day that I give guitar lessons. By the time you cancel some lessons or rearrange them at a different time, you dont come out ahead.
  74. Learn to ease into just about anything and everything you do. Dont rush or hurl yourself headlong into things without being careful or giving the subject some thought.
  75. I love the saying, "I cant make a career out of .". It is a handy saying when you find yourself in situations where you are doing something you particularly dont like and are spending too much time with. For example, "I cant make a career out of doing my laundry or other domestic bullcrap". Or, "I cant make a career out of winding the old time clock at the depot". Or, "I cant make a career out of replying to endless e-mails".
  76. The art of life is to add quality to your living. If you are not enjoying your life you need to start by adding things in your life that mean quality for you. What do you like? Do things that interest you and something for you to look forward to. Dont get caught in the trap of everyday drudgery. If you are in that situation then work on getting out of it and restore quality to your life.
  77. Try not to work for a big corporation for it could be hell. You will only be a number to them and they use you to achieve their goals as your goals slowly slip away from your grasp.
  78. When you start gathering numerous addresses and phone numbers do it in alphabetical order. Over the years you accumulate so many you never get around to getting them in order. So start now.