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This site is soon going to focus on some of my photography. If you are looking for my music website go to: guitarjourney.tripod.com There are also many other links to many of my other websites which include railroads, and local history.

If you need to call about a music or print order you want to place or have placed, you can personally call me at: 815-224-0075 or email me at gjourney1@yahoo.com
I would be glad to hear from you!

Don't forget to check out my links page (at Guitar Journey site) to get to other sites I have!

When purchasing products from my sites you may also simply send a money order for any items to:
Ray Tutaj Jr.
444 Creve Coeur st.
LaSalle IL 61301

A list of my music recordings appears on my Guitar Journey Website. Any items or products can be very simply purchased via paypal.
Also visit my youtube channel:raytutajjr


Ray Tutaj Jr
444 Creve Coeur St.
LaSalle IL 61301

Phone: 815-224-0075

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at the email below or write to
Ray Tutaj Jr, 444 Creve Coeur St. LaSalle IL., 61301 Phone :815-224-0075